School Year

In exactly one week from today, I start my schooling officially. Though I have already been doing homework, I will officially be in the school year on September 8th. I’ve been in high school for multiple years now, but I still haven’t figured the year out yet. I continually treat my year badly. I don’t spend nearly enough time doing things I love that do not relate to technology, and some things I end up deciding to do is something related to technology. My year ends up consisting of social media, tv, and school/breaks. That is a problem, especially since my practice of many things has fallen out of place. I used to read so much more than I used to! I also did not have nearly as much stress….

Last year I took a class about Life and Academic Skills, and they taught us a ton of information. One thing the class covered was making goals. This coming school year, I want to make goals to use my time better. God has given me a certain amount of time on this earth, and I need to be spending it wisely, instead of wasting it on frivalous things that I will later regret.

Technology isn’t always bad, it definitely has its advantages. What I mean by my last sentence of the previous paragraph is that I need to be using my time doing things that help me grow as a person, that teach me new skills, and things I enjoy doing that is unrelated to social media. I am going to post some of my goals for this year on this blog, and I hope it helps keep me on track. I am hoping to add/continue in my usual schedule of this year:

Be a great student.

Spend daily time with God.

Practice guitar at least four days a week.

Do lots of math.

Write/Read for fun a lot more than I do.

Keep up with my blog.

Give myself time to myself.

Do you have any goals, or do you want to make goals for this coming school year? Comment below about the goals you would like to make/complete this school year!

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