Why are there so many different opinions? Everybody has their own morals, beliefs, and ethics. People are so different that they never seem to be able to get along.

One blogger I tend to read is Matt Walsh. You can visit him here. He is very blunt and to the point on things. When he wrote about the Josh Duggar problems, he mentioned something about how “I must also admit that the more I think about this, I realized I was too easy on the the Duggar parents as well. Jim Bob and Michelle knew that their oldest son was struggling with severe sexual sin, they knew their daughters had been abused, they knew their family was in the midst of moral and spiritual turmoil, yet they STILL decided to put themselves and their children on TV for ten years.”

This personally bothered me. Everyone has rights to opinions, but sometimes it is easy to get overly sensitive about them. Matt Walsh is full of really great arguments. He is such a great, godly man with a bunch of great points. Maybe his bluntness is what bothers many people. But you know what? Maybe the only way to make an impact is to be blunt! People these days are so twisted. Human nature has always been one of selfishness and sinfulness. Don’t we all want the best? Don’t we all have some pride? People these days are so worried about offending people! Stop it! Be nice and godly, but everyone has a right to believe what they want, and to speak out against the crowd.

Wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr. not liked back in the day? But think about how we act about him now! We even have a holiday in honor of him! What is wrong with us? Has MLKJ changed in any way? No he has not! Its us who has changed! We think of him fondly because we finally abolished African American segregation! But when he was alive, some people were not interested in changing America. People change with the tide. We have one opinion one minute, and the next we have another.

America has changed so much since it was first founded! What our original country was founded on is not what our country looks like today…perhaps that means something……

What do you think? Do you think America is going in a good direction, or in the wrong one? Please don’t condemn anyone or make any rude comments.

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