My life has been insane! One of my good friends has been involved with a community theater for awhile now. Every year, they put on ‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.’ I had heard a lot about the theater, and she sent me the information about the auditions. I decided I didn’t want to do it. After all, I had seen the movie and did not have a ton of good memories associated with it. Either way, God wasn’t finished with me. One of my favorite teachers mentioned the play, and she also sent out the information for the auditions. I still wasn’t convinced. But, then my teacher somehow convinced the director to come to our co-op to have auditions with kids (and moms!) who wanted to. I finally auditioned, and landed the role of Alice Wendelken.

The experience I’ve had at this theater is fantastic! I didn’t feel at home there for awhile. I only knew a handful of the members of the cast. I also have had embarrassing experiences, some of which weren’t my fault, but looked like it.

I have finally managed to talk to people outside of those people I knew, and have gained a lot of acquaintances. I am already thinking towards next year’s pageant, and am hoping to be in it (hopefully as Alice!) again next year!

I still have five performances to do before I am done, (they multi-cast roles so if I’m not Alice (I’m Alice for two more performances) I am helping out by being an “extra church kid/angel choir member) but hopefully next semester I will be posting more regularly.

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