Braveheart was on my list of movies to watch for years. Starring Mel Gibson, this movie is about the historic William Wallance from Scotland. I saw part of it when it was on tv three years ago, but was more focused on *gulp* Minecraft than the actual movie. I really wanted to watch it after that, but without an edited version it was not okay for a young teenager. I’ve finally seen (most) of it (the movie is extremely long and I had just gotten information about my murder mystery party that night…so of course I was distracted). It is definitely NOT for young kids or teenagers. I am nearing adulthood, but I still closed my eyes from some of the gore.


The movie, about three hours long, is about the Scottish people versus the English people. William Wallace is orphaned when his brother and father are killed. At the funeral, a little girl gives him a flower (he ends up marrying this girl in secret years later). The English are not being kind to the Scottish people, and it is decreed that a soldier can spend the first night with a new bride. This is (of course) absolutely evil, but what can the Scottish people do? Things get worse when Wallace’s wife is raped and murdered by the antagonists of the movie. Well, the Scottish start attacking. Wallace becomes well known for his fighting. At the end of the movie, Wallace is (of course) killed.



This movie is NOT a happy one. There is a lot of blood, death, and marring, and even a rape. This is an adult movie for sure. It also deserves it’s rating. It is a pretty good story, but use caution when watching it.

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