Once Upon a Time

I was a big fan of this show for a long time. It is extremely intriguing, exciting, and enjoyable to watch. It is a new spin on fairy tale characters. It mixes all the fairy tale characters (and even some Disney characters) and their stories together and makes their backgrounds overlap and over complicated. They have about five seasons now. The first season was good (though not always the most appropriate). The other seasons were also good but still have some adult elements to them. We didn’t keep up with the series this season, and are not continuing it further at this point in time. The writing is fantastic, but there are some sections that aren’t as good as others. I’d suggest doing your own research before watching this show, and using logic and common sense when deciding whether to watch it or not. This series is really good if you look at the creativity/writing of it, but really bad if you only focus on the sexual concepts of it. I do still watch episodes and will probably continue with the seasons we have already seen, but I am not sure that it would be wise to pick it up again after season four.

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