Switched at Birth

For my sister’s ASL class, she was told that she could get extra credit through doing things with the show, Switched at Birth. My family tries to do a Girl’s Night/Guy’s Night where my dad and brother watch their show and my mom, sisters, and I watch ours. For awhile, one of our shows was Switched at Birth. In the beginning, it was really, really good. It is a cool storyline and has some nice elements to it. SPOILERS ARE COMING! But, as we went on and on, the show kept having affairs, and kids making bad decisions about drinking and etc. One of the characters who seemed sweet and good, Emmett, showed his true colors. His true colors were not appropriate for a Girl’s Night show. There are so many immoral decisions made on this show that even I (as the eldest child in my family) don’t need to be seeing. My mom told me I could read a summary of what happens after we quite the show, but I found out a really inappropriate thing. Throughout the show, there is so much sex/dishonesty/bad decision making that it keeps us from an otherwise good show about the deaf community and sign language. Throughout the show (just in season one!) we see…

Bay with three boys at least

Daphne with and/or interested in at least three

Simone (who isn’t even a main character) with at least two or three

Emmett with at least two girls

Regina with at least two men

Toby with at least one girl

The show is not suggested for anyone, especially young children and teens.

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