The Golden Specific by S.E. Grove (Mapmaker’s Trilogy Book 2)

Can I just say this series is so amazing? The idea is so brilliant, I wish I had thought of it myself! I got my hands on one of the advanced copies for the first book in the series, and though the copy was not the same that they sell in stores, it was still very entertaining.




Book two starts up with Sophia Tims still trying to find her parents, who are still missing. A different format than the original, we get to learn Minna and Bronson Tims (Sophia’s parents) story through various diary entries put in the novel. Sophia starts seeing her mother’s ghost like spirit and Minna tells Sophia various one-liners. Sophia also receives some mysterious help, leading her to a library-type establishment. Sophia lies in order to enter it (for only people of a certain religion are allowed to access the resources), taking on the new name of ‘Every Tims’ in order to gain access. She searches documents, and with the help of a mysterious worker, Remorse, Sophia learns that Minna had a diary. Remorse offers to get Sophia passage on a ship, and also lets her take Shadrack Elli, her uncle and guardian, with her. Theo is out with Miles on an adventure, but returns near the novel’s beginning, bringing back a map made by someone with a very similar name to Cabeza de Vaca. Shadrack had declined the idea of leaving with Sophia in search of the diary, so the two children plan on going on their own. A murder occurs, changing the course of plans whether the kids like it or not. Sophia ends up on the ship alone (with not even Remorse) and Theo does some investigating (of the murder) back at home. Sophia gets help from some new friends, and at the novel’s end, we are left with a cliffhanger.


I really like this series. The plot is extremely entertaining. Though there are a few less positive parts of the format/style, the plot makes up for it and it is definitely worth reading.


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