When Calls The Heart by Janette Oke

When Calls The Heart is the first book in a series by Janette Oke. I grew up watching (and playing) Little House on the Prairie. We also would watch some of the Love movies (another series by Janette Oke). We found the tv show When Calls the Heart on Netflix, and fell in love with it. We’ve watched almost all three seasons. It is a fantastic tv show.

A few weeks ago I was in a van for a prolonged period of time. I decided to read the book with strong Christian themes,  When Calls The Heart. I finished it in a couple hours (it is only 200 something pages). I now know it is a multi-book series, so I can only write about the first book for now. A full comparison of the books/tv show will have to come later.
The book’s main character is Elizabeth Thatcher. She goes to a town far away from her home to teach and be with her brother, while also meeting an attractive Canadian Mountie named Wynn (in the tv show his name is Jack and he is absolutely amazing 😍).

Spoilers will be present!

Elizabeth is definitely not used to the conditions she faces at her new job. She is sent away from her brother by a vengeful and rejected suitor. She has a very persistent mice problem, and has a bit of a smoke issue with the stove. Elizabeth likes Wynn but gets the wrong idea that he’s married. She does find out that he’s single, and his “wife” is just a relative he’s helping out. The ending is pretty good, because it is inevitable that the two (Elizabeth and Wynn) will be together.

Compared to the tv show, the book really isn’t overly exceptional. It’s definitely a clean romance, but it’s not the best book I’ve ever read. It definitely has some cute romance, but that’s the best part of it. It is kind of dull.
I am going to try to read the rest of the series, but this book is definitely not a book for those who need excitement in a book. It’s an alright book.

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