When Calls the Heart (TV Show)

I love this TV show so much! It is one of my favorite shows of all time. It is about a schoolteacher, Elizabeth Thatcher, and a Canadian Mountie, Jack Thorton. It is pretty family friendly, and has a very clean romance.

Spoilers are present!

Elizabeth Thatcher comes from a very rich family. She is used to every luxury, and is by no means prepared for what awaits her when she accepts the position as a school teacher in a coal mining town called Coal Valley. The stagecoach she traveled in is attacked and she has a rough time getting to Coal Valley. Once she arrives, the ladies she meets are not impressed by her, but agree to give her a short trial. She burns the house she stayed in to the ground on the first night she is there, and is taken in by Abigail Stanton. The rest of season one covers all the important details of the town, its people, and introduces us to the tragedy that happened months before. There was a disaster in the mine, and a lot of men (fathers and sons) died. The head of the coal mining business is not a favorable character for sure. We also get to see a romance between Elizabeth and Jack spark, but when a beautiful actress who was previously engaged to Jack comes, wanting Jack back, things get a bit…complicated. I’m not going to say much more about season one so that there are still some surprises for you.

In the second season, we get to see more about the mine disaster. We also see a romance spark between Rose Leveux (not going to say who she is), and see Elizabeth’s home. Things get complex with Jack and Elizabeth again, and when a man Elizabeth knows from her past gets involved in the storyline, things are crazy. The cliffhanger for the second season is way more intense (in the sense that it’s harder to wait for) than the first season.

I am almost done with the third season. We see an engagement, some orphaned kids finding their forever home, and a returning character from season two.



I love love love LOVE this show! It’s fantastic, and there are only a couple adult things that would go over a child’s head. Definitely a good family show. It is done by the Hallmark channel.

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