Five Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are one of the greatest writing inventions. They can spark a writer’s imagination, and become something impressive. One of my favorite works was sparked by a series of pictures. So, I’ve decided to list five writing prompts for you. And, as I’d love for others to do the same for me, I am going to stress this point. I give you personal permission to publish a story that comes out of these writing prompts. It must be original (of course) but you are more than welcome to use this attempt to spark your creativity.

  1. You have come to a special place in your neighborhood/town, and something isn’t right. You can’t pinpoint what it is, but something is very wrong.
  2. You suddenly feel a pinch when you are walking down the street. You turn around and it’s…
  3. You’re watching a movie with your very unemotional friend, and he/she suddenly gets emotional. Why?
  4. Out of the blue, you get sicker than ever before. Why? How do you treat this sickness if it’s treatable?
  5. If you overdo something, what happens?


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