Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene

This post is about the main series, not any of the spin-offs.

When I was nine, I picked up my first Nancy Drew book. I instantly fell in love, and over the next couple of years, I read them all (I read them out of order but somehow I kept track mentally, so I guess I made it through them as I had thought). I was the family detective, and mysteries were definitely my “thing.” For my tenth birthday, I got my “detective kit” that I had wanted. Oh my, that was definitely a worthwhile gift. I can’t even tell you how much use I got out of it, but it definitely got used (a lot). I do recall getting scared from reading so many mysteries. My grandparent’s house comes from the nineteenth century, and when I would hear a noise, I’d get nervous. But overall, my childhood with Nancy Drew was extremely special. And, of course, I would reread some of them.

Nancy Drew is about an eighteen year old detective with a lot of wits. She somehow manages to solve over sixty mysteries when she is eighteen, and get kidnapped more times than is logical. But, to a little girl, it’s magical.

It’s definitely not a series for older kids. I occasionally pick one up from the library, but rarely get around to reading it. Once, a few years back I started reading one of them (I think it was The Flying Saucer Mystery) and I remember feeling as though it was too young for me. But, you still may see me with one here and there.

This is definitely one of those “child friendly” series from years ago. I would recommend it to any girl who can handle mysteries, ghosts, villains, etc. They are short and there are a lot of them. Definitely worth reading. 

My favorites include #4 and the very last one! Which ones were your favorites?

6 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene

  1. Nancy Drew had a big effect on me as a child and I still quote Carolyn Keene as one of my influences. I love the idea of a woman detective outwitting everyone. I remember the TV series but I was much more into the books.

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    • I watched some of the TV series, but I also consider the books as more prominent in my childhood. The movie with Emma Roberts was also good, and probably more important than the TV series, which is my least favorite of the three.


  2. Great post! 🙂

    I was obsessed with Nancy Drew for years, even into my 20’s. I get how you can feel too old for it, but have you ever read one of the unedited versions (from the 1930’s – 1950’s)? Those still capture my heart to this day – the older writing style and the time period… 😍 But then again, I’ve been rereading a bunch of my childhood favorites for nostalgia’s sake and it has been a lot of fun.

    As to my favorite… I really liked The Clue In The Diary, because that’s the one where Nancy met Ned. ❤ I also liked the first four. However, I also haven't met an unedited version that I haven't liked. Those are, as they would say at that time, "The bee's knees!" 😄

    This may be an odd question, but did you play the Nancy Drew games, specifically Stay Tuned For Danger? I ask because "Words, words, words" was a line used in that game and I read it in that character's voice. XD

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    • Those are great thoughts! I have copies of 12 of the books, including two vintage (The Hidden Staircase and The Bungelow Mystery). One day I may reread them again, but I definitely want my future daughters to. I just haven’t gotten there yet, but Nancy Drew will always be a part of me. Before I turned 19, I wanted to reread a Nancy Drew since she is 18. Unfortunately that did not happen.

      As to the video games, I have not. The name of my blog is actually based on a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but that is so cool!
      I hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner at the church we hosted our homeschool co-op, and I think I played a song from one of the video games.

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      • Oh, nice! 😀 I have almost all of the yellow hardbacks and I have at least 10 or 15 of the unedited blue hardbacks. I was very obsessed… 😄 I do plan to reread some of them someday – and read a few for the first time.

        Aww, I wish I had thought to do that. That was a cool goal, even though you didn’t get to.

        Ah, okay. Just wondering. 🙂 I was obsessed with the games even more than the books at the time.

        Ooooohhhh, Shakespeare. 😄

        Murder Mystery Dinner sounds like such fun! 😀

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  3. That’s great! I was obsessed with Nancy Drew, too. The movie with Emma Roberts is pretty good (not really based on a specific book).
    I hope to reread some of the books one day, or at least encourage others to (I had been working on my little cousin. I’m not sure she will be reading them, though :/, ).


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