We were recently able to spend some time with friends on a mini-vacation. On the way home, we were detoured because of a big accident. Then, we found out about another accident on an alternate route home. As we were about to pull into our street, another accident hindered our entrance, making us go down … Continue reading Prayer

Letters to Juliet

My friend and I watched a movie that we both really love, Letters to Juliet, recently. Letters to Juliet is a pretty clean romance film starring Amanda Seyfried. Set in Italy, Sophia (Seyfried) is a fact checker who wants to become a writer. She goes to Italy with her fiancé, hoping to have a romantic, … Continue reading Letters to Juliet

Robin de Noir…Er, um…The Secret of Moonacre (movie)

  The Secret of Moonacre is a movie with Augustus Prew (Robin de Noir), and Tim Curry. I've seen this movie multiple times, and it's really, really good! It's definitely appropriate for younger children if they can handle some intense fantasy, and a somewhat darker storyline. Maria Merryweather is a young girl, recently orphaned, who … Continue reading Robin de Noir…Er, um…The Secret of Moonacre (movie)