Letters to Juliet

My friend and I watched a movie that we both really love, Letters to Juliet, recently.
Letters to Juliet is a pretty clean romance film starring Amanda Seyfried. Set in Italy, Sophia (Seyfried) is a fact checker who wants to become a writer. She goes to Italy with her fiancé, hoping to have a romantic, pre-wedding honeymoon. When she visits the House of Juliet, she discovers a group of ladies, called the Secretaries to Juliet, who write responses to love letters written to “Juliet” (from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare). She becomes intrigued by this, and gets willingly pulled in to an adventure to help an older lady find her true love.

I love how romantic this story is! There are a couple scenes which just cry out for an “Aww! That’s so sweet!” moment. The lead male is super cute, and adorable, and sweet, and kind, and handsome, and romantic. It’s a good movie for people who just love romance movies. Definitely worth watching.

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