The Shack (Film)

A couple months ago, my friend and I decided to go hang out on a Saturday. We considered going to a movie. We eventually decided to go and see The Shack. I haven’t read the book, but now I see why I probably need to.

This movie/book brings up a lot of controversy among Christians everywhere. Why? Because people think that the way that the Trinity is portrayed is wrong. But I saw it, and I felt extremely refreshed by it. It helped me to understand the Trinity more, and the metaphorical way this story is told is absolutely amazing. I’m not sure if this story is true or not, but I do know that it is a useful tool to grow closer to The Lord if The Holy Spirit leads you to it.

Spoilers may be present:

Mack is a father who loves his children dearly. His youngest daughter, Missy, loves to refer to The Lord as “Papa.” Mack and his three children go on a camping trip, and tragedy strikes. A murderer kidnaps the young Missy, leaving a ladybug behind (I think its the trademark of the murderer). They frantically search for her, but find a crime scene in this Shack in the woods. Missy has been murdered, and Mack feels absolutely hopeless. This tragedy changes he dynamic of their entire family. One snowy day, Mack finds a letter from Papa that tells him to go back to the Shack. Mack doubts that it is from God, but still decides to go. He arrives and meets The Holy Spirit (an Asian woman), Jesus (a darker skinned carpenter (a man)), and God (an African-American heavyset woman). Throughout the movie, he ends up having a huge experience with Them and learns to forgive and to love Him, who is Three in One. The Holy Spirit is God, Jesus is God, and God is God.


This movie is definitely a must-see. It is amazing, and shares His unfailing love for us.






Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (Movie)

We recently watched “Mansfield Park” (the Billie Piper version). I had seen some of another version we found on Netflix about a year ago; it was terrible. It had the most pornographic sex scene, and although something was quickly done about it, it was still the most I had ever seen. This version was very refreshing because it was pretty much clean.

First off, I really don’t understand the use of the name “Fanny.” I really don’t. A fanny is a rear end, and I personally would prefer to have a child named after a flower, or a martyr, or a literature character, or a Bible character, but definitely not after one of the most undesirable body parts.


The story was rather confusing; basically Fanny lives with her aunt and uncle and loves Edmund, her cousin, and he eventually realizes that he loves her too and they get married. Edmund thinks he loves another girl who is not a nice person but he breaks up with her. What was confusing about this story was the characters: I couldn’t keep most of them straight! The names and faces seemed to mesh with the same characters. It really was confusing.

If you know the storyline, watch this movie. If you don’t, then I’d advise learning it before viewing unless you like confusion.