Digital Cleanse: A Reflection

Technology makes me so depressed sometimes. My anxiety is aroused from reading something posted by another person, or even speculating about a post in a negative way. But I keep going back to it. Again and again. It’s an obsession; a constant thought that keeps me from being completely successful in everyday life.

One of my best friends strongly encouraged me to take a digital cleanse/break. I decided to take the challenge. We started last Monday and went a week.
I wasn’t perfect but I did notice a very positive outcome from it.

Instead of being depressed about my breakup, I was starting to heal. I was able to journal my thoughts, feelings, and stories that I hadn’t done in forever. I finished a book that I had been reading for way too long, worked a little on editing my novella, practiced a little guitar, spent time with my puppy, made a necklace, and worked on my blog. I also got lots of homework done. I even started writing a song.
I cleaned some of my room, started on a process of cleaning my beta’s tank (guys, betas are so smelly if you don’t keep up with them. If you don’t want your room to smell, get a goldfish). I did lots of devotionals, and enjoyed myself.

The one time I found myself having a major relapse was when I got on my Bible app and I (against my better judgement) decided to look at what people were up to (basically replacing it with Facebook). I saw something about my lost love and it made me sad and upset to the point of trying to call someone to vent. I was so upset.

Losing the regular reminders of him was really crucial to my healing process.

I even had a couple small adventures. We had a tornado drill at college and that is my first drill ever (homeschooling kinda doesn’t involve loud speakers yelling at people). It was kinda funny. Lord willing I’ll never be in a dangerous situation there.

I also went to one of my favorite homeschool mom’s house. She was a teacher at co-op, but she’s also a friend. I was letting my puppy out and her dog ran out the door like a tornado. They got her back but it took a while and I was freaking out and praying.


I got so much out of that week. I started to worry about going back to a regular use of technology. It was a really healing week for me, and I’m really thankful God put my friend into my life. He encouraged me to do something that really helped me become more productive and joyful.


I definitely recommend praying about taking a digital cleanse. They are well worth it.

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