I’m sorry I have been so absent again. Life just catches up with you and you eventually leave your blog to capture dust. My life has felt insane recently; nearly every day I have some sort of required event from work to school to counseling to homework, and even some events of choice, such as church and Intervarsity.

I’ve been really stressed about it. I just want to find a place to hide where I have few responsibilities and can breathe, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll have very much of it. Working and taking classes at college is a hard mix, and I’m not even taking more than 2 classes. My personality is one that can’t stand stress and really needs time to be able to recuperate (sometimes with people, yes). I could definitely use your prayers right now so that I don’t scream and pass out for 24 hours.

I did finish reading The Moonstone. I did like it, and I want to write a detailed review about it, but I am not going to get to it right now. I’m writing a research paper that has to do with Collins for Comp 2, so I should be more informed on the sciencey stuff by the time I finish writing it.

I love blogging and I want to do it more, but this is just a time where I’m lacking the inspiration. I’ll be around, and I’m hoping to have some reviews up soon, even if they are more sporadically common than usual.


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