Books are a window into another person’s mind; an escape from reality. I’ve loved books for many years. Once I got through the struggle of learning to read (I hated it), I eventually realized I did like reading. As a young girl, I devoured book after book. I loved Nancy Drew, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Magic Tree House, The Boxcar Children…I would read often (sometimes too often!). As a now graduated homeschooler, I learned so much with books.

My freshman year of high school, I had to read a book every two weeks for a class at my homeschool group. I discovered, through all that reading, that I could write better than I ever could before. As I got into high school, my “for fun” reading grew less and less. It became more about what I had to read for school, and less of an activity for recreation (don’t get me wrong, some school books are absolutely lovely to read!).

I did find a passion for extending my book collection. I love bookstores and used book sales. My bookshelves became more filled (so did my floor!), but my read list did not grow.

As a college student, I’m hoping to continue reading a lot more now (and writing, because it’s one of my passions!). I am going to be reading more than I have in years. So, come join me as I read and review book after book.