I'm sorry I have been so absent again. Life just catches up with you and you eventually leave your blog to capture dust. My life has felt insane recently; nearly every day I have some sort of required event from work to school to counseling to homework, and even some events of choice, such as … Continue reading Hiatus

Life Update

I know its been waaaay too long since I have regularly posted. I am really hoping to change that. A lot has been happening in life, both positive and negative, and I am really hoping that this next chapter involves a lot more blogging. So, what have I been up to? Well, I graduated high … Continue reading Life Update


Hey everyone! After nine months of sporadic posting, I have decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Lord willing). A few bonus posts may appear here and there, but overall, my solid days are the ones listed above.


I apologize for my absence. I caught a cold early in September, and then school started up. Although I could have blogged during these times, for some reason I did not post anything and did not get myself to be active on this blog...I am so lazy sometimes. Anyways, I am going to be sitting … Continue reading Absence