Life Update

I know its been waaaay too long since I have regularly posted. I am really hoping to change that. A lot has been happening in life, both positive and negative, and I am really hoping that this next chapter involves a lot more blogging. So, what have I been up to? Well, I graduated high … Continue reading Life Update


Happy Father’s Day

In honor of Father's Day, I'm going to share ten things about my daddy. 1. He loves the Lord. 2. He is willing to let me stay up late to watch movies. Even though this doesn't always work out (mom eventually wins), he's still willing to let me. 3. He is supportive of my writing … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day


Hey everyone! After nine months of sporadic posting, I have decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Lord willing). A few bonus posts may appear here and there, but overall, my solid days are the ones listed above.


I apologize for my absence. I caught a cold early in September, and then school started up. Although I could have blogged during these times, for some reason I did not post anything and did not get myself to be active on this blog...I am so lazy sometimes. Anyways, I am going to be sitting … Continue reading Absence