We were recently able to spend some time with friends on a mini-vacation. On the way home, we were detoured because of a big accident. Then, we found out about another accident on an alternate route home. As we were about to pull into our street, another accident hindered our entrance, making us go down another street in our neighborhood. Instead of getting back home within a decent timespan, we got home hours later than expected.

But here’s the thing. It’s only a detour. All of the people involved in these accidents probably would do anything to be in our shoes; safe with just a slight inconvenience. I’m alive, right? I’m healthy. I have Jesus. So why are so many people discontent with being patient and thankful that they’re alive? After all, it could be you in that accident. The tour isn’t bothering me that bad. What bothers me is all of those accidents. I praise God that I’m not in it. But, I pray for those who were involved.

If you’re reading this right now, I ask that you join me in prayer for any car accidents that happened today, that will happen tomorrow, and the victims of past accidents who are in critical condition. Pray for God’s peace and protection for those affected. Pray for everyone to be safe while they drive.


What Rose Leveux Can Teach Us About Judging

Everyone says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s such a common phrase, and yet we all probably do it sometime in our lives. A good example of why we should not “judge a book by its cover” is the character of Rosemary Leveux (Warning, there are When Calls the Heart spoilers in this post).

Rosemary Leveux is an actress we all meet in season one of When Calls the Heart. And from the beginning, viewers are lead to feel a bit negatively about her. When we first meet her, we learn that she is coming to Coal Valley (called Hope Valley in later seasons) to find her fiancé. Very soon after this, we learn this “fiancé” of Rosie’s is our beloved Mountie, Jack Thorton. This is when the negative feelings will probably be aroused. We later learn that the engagement was called off, by Rosie herself, but that she wants him back. For a time, she is after his affections; rivaling with Elizabeth and even trying to wreak Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship. This, of course, is not successful, and Rosie finally moves on. She ends up falling in love with Lee Coulter, who she eventually marries.

Throughout the seasons, she becomes extremely lovable. She is definitely an important character, and a worthwhile investment. Not only does she being comedic relief and a personality unmatched by any other, she also has a kindness that is important for the show.

So, was Rosie an easy character to “judge by its [her] cover”? Absolutely. But, in the end, we learn that there is more to Miss Leveux than her annoying and irritating love for Jack.