Letters to Juliet

My friend and I watched a movie that we both really love, Letters to Juliet, recently.
Letters to Juliet is a pretty clean romance film starring Amanda Seyfried. Set in Italy, Sophia (Seyfried) is a fact checker who wants to become a writer. She goes to Italy with her fiancé, hoping to have a romantic, pre-wedding honeymoon. When she visits the House of Juliet, she discovers a group of ladies, called the Secretaries to Juliet, who write responses to love letters written to “Juliet” (from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare). She becomes intrigued by this, and gets willingly pulled in to an adventure to help an older lady find her true love.

I love how romantic this story is! There are a couple scenes which just cry out for an “Aww! That’s so sweet!” moment. The lead male is super cute, and adorable, and sweet, and kind, and handsome, and romantic. It’s a good movie for people who just love romance movies. Definitely worth watching.


Robin de Noir…Er, um…The Secret of Moonacre (movie)


The Secret of Moonacre is a movie with Augustus Prew (Robin de Noir), and Tim Curry. I’ve seen this movie multiple times, and it’s really, really good! It’s definitely appropriate for younger children if they can handle some intense fantasy, and a somewhat darker storyline.

Maria Merryweather is a young girl, recently orphaned, who goes to stay at her uncle’s house in the country. Weird things go on there, and as the plot unfolds, we find out who Maria is, and what she is destined to do!

One of my favorite characters is Robin (Prew). When I watched this movie a couple nights ago with my friend, the actor who played Robin reminded us both of someone, but we couldn’t figure out who. We finally figured it out, but there’s more to Robin than the actor who portrays him.

Robin’s character is really complex (in a good way). PLOT SPOILERS WILL ENSUE.
Because he starts out as evil, we really don’t like him. He’s one of those black haired, stereotypical bad boys who you can’t help but have a crush on, but who you hate so much that you can’t even stand it. He’s extremely attractive, but you also don’t like him. As his character develops, we see that he isn’t so bad. When he helps Maria and becomes her friend, his place in our (every girl’s) hearts is secured. You really love him, and your heart goes crazy.
Let me know what you think of the movie, and if you felt the same way I did about Robin!

The Book of Esther (Film)

The Book of Esther is a movie based on the book of the Bible with a similar name. It stars Jen Lilley as Queen Esther. Esther is my favorite Bible character. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of writing (and acting) in a small play about the Bible story of Esther (a few months later I reprised my role in a short talent show skit). At the time, it was extremely important to me, and Esther is still special to me.

The plot of the movie follows the key elements of the Bible story fairly well. There are extra scenes added, (of course), but it is still pretty true to the beloved story of Esther. It is pretty clean; there is only one instance that would cause me to hesitate showing younger audiences (the second is an honorable mention but is probably subtle enough for the younger crowd):

1) A husband and wife have a scene that isn’t the most comfortable, but both are fully clothed and it’s just a giggle/sit on lap/show affection scene.
2) A man is choosing between two women, and it feels (to me) like it is alluded that he may be taking them to bed, one at a time. This is not the case. He is just watching the two of them talking through a secret window.

There is also a weird instance in the beginning when young Esther is seen. She very obviously has a wig on (it is not a very good wig), which takes away some of the quality of the film. There is also an animation part of the movie where it is showing a building.

Overall, this is a great movie. It has been awhile since I’ve watched it, but even though it seems somewhat low budget, it shows a love for God that is lacking in some films today.

Les Miserables (starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway)


When this movie was released, I had wanted to see it with a friend of mine. Our moms discovered that there was some questionable content, and we went to see Parental Guidance (with Billy Crystal) instead. Of course Les Miserables was popular. Friends gave me information about it, and I heard some of the songs. I was even told that I’d be Cosette (if I was a character in it). So I knew a little about it, but only was allowed to see it starting this summer.

And wow, there IS a lot of “questionable” content. It’s a good thing I didn’t see it at age thirteen!


Spoilers are present below. 

The story follows a convict, Jean Valjean, who “stole a loaf of bread” and spent “nineteen years a slave.” (Look Down (song)). This movie is a musical, and there is singing throughout the entire movie. There are hardly any words that are not sung. Valjean breaks parole (thus ensuring that he will be enemies with Inspector Javert for the rest of his life) and steals some silver. He is captured by the authorities but the Bishop he stole from sets him free, and gives Valjean the silver. Years later, Valjean is the mayor of a town. One of the factory workers, Fantine, has a child but does not make it public. She is found out, and is fired. She is forced to become a prostitute to save her dear girl. Javert is sent to work for Valjean, but soon suspects the mayor of being the ex-convict. Valjean eventually confesses to save another man, and Javert is soon on his trail. Before Valjean is nearly arrested, he has the chance to help Fantine. She is ill. When she is on her deathbed, he promises to look out for her daughter. Fantine dies and Valjean barely escapes the unforgiving Javert. Valjean collects Fantine’s daughter, Cosette, and treats her like his own daughter. The two life together for many years. When Cosette has grown up, she catches the eye of Marius, a young boy against the French government, and Marius catches her eye. The two of them fall instantly in love. The townspeople are mad at the government and attack people. Eponine, a girl who loves Marius, wants to be with him, and conceals a letter from Cosette to Marius. When Eponine is dying, she gives it to him. Valjean wants Marius to be alive (he is one of the townspeople fighting because he is against the government), even if he doesn’t survive, and saves Marius’s life. Cosette marries Marius, Valjean dies, and Javert commits suicide by the end of the movie.


I love the movie. I love the songs, the characters, Daniel Huttlestone. It is very well done. This movie is not appropriate for younger audiences, (because of the multiple sexual references, the prostitutes, the sex-like scenes, etc.) but is worth seeing if you get the chance and can put it into proper perspective.


Braveheart was on my list of movies to watch for years. Starring Mel Gibson, this movie is about the historic William Wallance from Scotland. I saw part of it when it was on tv three years ago, but was more focused on *gulp* Minecraft than the actual movie. I really wanted to watch it after that, but without an edited version it was not okay for a young teenager. I’ve finally seen (most) of it (the movie is extremely long and I had just gotten information about my murder mystery party that night…so of course I was distracted). It is definitely NOT for young kids or teenagers. I am nearing adulthood, but I still closed my eyes from some of the gore.


The movie, about three hours long, is about the Scottish people versus the English people. William Wallace is orphaned when his brother and father are killed. At the funeral, a little girl gives him a flower (he ends up marrying this girl in secret years later). The English are not being kind to the Scottish people, and it is decreed that a soldier can spend the first night with a new bride. This is (of course) absolutely evil, but what can the Scottish people do? Things get worse when Wallace’s wife is raped and murdered by the antagonists of the movie. Well, the Scottish start attacking. Wallace becomes well known for his fighting. At the end of the movie, Wallace is (of course) killed.



This movie is NOT a happy one. There is a lot of blood, death, and marring, and even a rape. This is an adult movie for sure. It also deserves it’s rating. It is a pretty good story, but use caution when watching it.