Death Comes to Pemberley

Death Comes to Pemberley is a miniseries with Trevor Eve, Matthew Rhys, and Anna Maxwell Martin. It covers a mystery surrounding Pemberley, the famous home of the Darcy’s from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is filled with an extremely talented cast, an exciting storyline, and some romance. The nice thing about it is that it is overall clean; there is kissing, an affair that is not shown, and one scene in episode three that is obviously coming and easily skipped, but it’s one of the better shows out there. There are only three episodes, but they still did a good job.

I’m not going to get into the storyline; it’s worth watching and discovering as you go along. It’s pretty true to the characters of Jane Austen from what I know and what I’ve heard (I have read some of Pride and Prejudice, but I never finished it…). I’d recommend it to friends and family.


Switched at Birth

For my sister’s ASL class, she was told that she could get extra credit through doing things with the show, Switched at Birth. My family tries to do a Girl’s Night/Guy’s Night where my dad and brother watch their show and my mom, sisters, and I watch ours. For awhile, one of our shows was Switched at Birth. In the beginning, it was really, really good. It is a cool storyline and has some nice elements to it. SPOILERS ARE COMING! But, as we went on and on, the show kept having affairs, and kids making bad decisions about drinking and etc. One of the characters who seemed sweet and good, Emmett, showed his true colors. His true colors were not appropriate for a Girl’s Night show. There are so many immoral decisions made on this show that even I (as the eldest child in my family) don’t need to be seeing. My mom told me I could read a summary of what happens after we quite the show, but I found out a really inappropriate thing. Throughout the show, there is so much sex/dishonesty/bad decision making that it keeps us from an otherwise good show about the deaf community and sign language. Throughout the show (just in season one!) we see…

Bay with three boys at least

Daphne with and/or interested in at least three

Simone (who isn’t even a main character) with at least two or three

Emmett with at least two girls

Regina with at least two men

Toby with at least one girl

The show is not suggested for anyone, especially young children and teens.

Once Upon a Time

I was a big fan of this show for a long time. It is extremely intriguing, exciting, and enjoyable to watch. It is a new spin on fairy tale characters. It mixes all the fairy tale characters (and even some Disney characters) and their stories together and makes their backgrounds overlap and over complicated. They have about five seasons now. The first season was good (though not always the most appropriate). The other seasons were also good but still have some adult elements to them. We didn’t keep up with the series this season, and are not continuing it further at this point in time. The writing is fantastic, but there are some sections that aren’t as good as others. I’d suggest doing your own research before watching this show, and using logic and common sense when deciding whether to watch it or not. This series is really good if you look at the creativity/writing of it, but really bad if you only focus on the sexual concepts of it. I do still watch episodes and will probably continue with the seasons we have already seen, but I am not sure that it would be wise to pick it up again after season four.

When Calls the Heart (TV Show)

I love this TV show so much! It is one of my favorite shows of all time. It is about a schoolteacher, Elizabeth Thatcher, and a Canadian Mountie, Jack Thorton. It is pretty family friendly, and has a very clean romance.

Spoilers are present!

Elizabeth Thatcher comes from a very rich family. She is used to every luxury, and is by no means prepared for what awaits her when she accepts the position as a school teacher in a coal mining town called Coal Valley. The stagecoach she traveled in is attacked and she has a rough time getting to Coal Valley. Once she arrives, the ladies she meets are not impressed by her, but agree to give her a short trial. She burns the house she stayed in to the ground on the first night she is there, and is taken in by Abigail Stanton. The rest of season one covers all the important details of the town, its people, and introduces us to the tragedy that happened months before. There was a disaster in the mine, and a lot of men (fathers and sons) died. The head of the coal mining business is not a favorable character for sure. We also get to see a romance between Elizabeth and Jack spark, but when a beautiful actress who was previously engaged to Jack comes, wanting Jack back, things get a bit…complicated. I’m not going to say much more about season one so that there are still some surprises for you.

In the second season, we get to see more about the mine disaster. We also see a romance spark between Rose Leveux (not going to say who she is), and see Elizabeth’s home. Things get complex with Jack and Elizabeth again, and when a man Elizabeth knows from her past gets involved in the storyline, things are crazy. The cliffhanger for the second season is way more intense (in the sense that it’s harder to wait for) than the first season.

I am almost done with the third season. We see an engagement, some orphaned kids finding their forever home, and a returning character from season two.



I love love love LOVE this show! It’s fantastic, and there are only a couple adult things that would go over a child’s head. Definitely a good family show. It is done by the Hallmark channel.