Book Reviews

I am not you. I am not your child. Chances are, I’ve never met you. That is why my blog is written to be used as a guide, not a replacement for judgement. I don’t know what you avoid in books. I’m human. I’m not perfect at pointing out the right things. My blog is meant to help people get an idea of what the book is like, but my posts are by no means complete. It is up to you to do your own research and decide if a book is okay. When in doubt, proofread it for your child, or ask a trusted adult to proof it for you!

I also sometimes post about books I haven’t recently read. Even though I haven’t necessarily read it recently, that doesn’t mean I don’t remember it. As my friend has said, “I don’t have a photographic memory like you!”

Whether what he said is true or not (I’m not sure I’d classify my memory as photographic), I will remember enough about the book to be able to say whether I liked it or not, and give a summary, etc…