Come Back to Me

Jody Hedlund has done it again! I wasn’t sure at first how this book would go, but it was as good as the reviews say. The plot was riveting, and the story’s action and conflicts made me as anxious as some of her other books do (which to me is a sign of investment in the plot). I liked Will’s boldness. Most christian authors write a “oh we just got married but even though I desire you and you’re actually my wife I won’t try to even initiate anything.” Will, on the other hand, expects things from his wife which was a fresh breath of air, and very realistic. Marian’a attempt to convince him to wait and his reluctant but agreeable reaction to her pleas was a perfect way to keep it clean, but still convey a character that isn’t absolutely identical to all the other hero’s. And, in Hedlund fashion, any romantic interactions are clean. She did take the descriptions a step further than usual, which made me slightly uncomfortable, but they were still pretty clean—although descriptive of touching places outside of the bikini area in situations where intercourse was desired but did not occur.  The other thing that really annoyed me was the usage of the epithet “Wife.” It sounds gruff and insensitive, and maybe that’s because Will is tough, but it still added a demeaning tone to the novel that I don’t love. 

However, the plot was fantastic as it stayed true to my favored medieval settings of Jody Hedlund. There’s of course a modern setting, too, but it doesn’t distract from the medieval elements we know and love from Hedlund. The concept of time travel is so unique as well. All in all, it’s an absolutely brilliant novel to add to the collection of best medieval romances. 

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