Hi! Welcome to my blog! Glad you stopped by! 🙂

My passion is words. Words such as exuberance, narcissistic, and quintessential. They appear to be beautiful on the page, and yet they convey more meaning than you could ever imagine. The time, the feeling, the work that a writer puts into their work is incomprehensible to the naked eye. They pour their heart and soul into their work, and toil in their own minds, receiving more story ideas than they have the time for. They must fight writer’s block. They must push on, even when the words don’t come. They must figure out story plot lines. And yet, for a writer, it is worth it.

I am a writer. I am unpublished, and amateur, but I am learning. I am learning how to become a better writer. I am learning how to write. You may read a post I write and spit on the screen because it is downright horrible. You may hate my work. Or, you may love it. This blog will help me to express myself in one of the ways I love: words. I am not perfect. I sometimes rush through things, including my writing. The words pop into my head, and I write them down. Sometimes I write things that don’t flow. Sometimes I write stories people enjoy. But it’s all part of the process. I am a poet. I am a novelist. I am a short story writer. I write emails. I write skits. I write blog posts. I am a writer.

My blog will feature book reviews, movie and TV show reviews, Christian stuff, and anything else that is on my heart. I’m a very sporadic person.

My blog is always a work in progress, so don’t be frightened if it seems random.

I’m extremely lazy (something I need to work on!), so my book reviews and posts are sometimes very spread out. I’m trying to be more consistent.

About Me

I was homeschooled my whole life (Okay, I went to church preschool, but does that really count?), but I recently graduated and am now in college. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and God (Three in One). Jesus is the only way to God and salvation, and I am sealed by the Holy Spirit, who guides me and helps me. The Lord is the only constant in my life; He is the only good thing I can be certain of.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.*

I love Shakespeare, writing, and discussing literary topics with people. I love to act. I am currently working on my Associates of Arts, and my goal is to become an English/literature teacher.

In my free time I like to journal, read, write, blog, spend time with my puppy, try my hand at learning guitar, goof around with my friends, and relax. Curl up with a cup of tea, sit in a comfortable chair, and join me on the ride of a lifetime.

*Matthew 24:35 NIV

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi and welcome aboard Pensitivity101. Thanks for visiting and hitting the follow button. Hopefully you’ll enjoy digging around in my blog and find something to interest or amuse you enough to add a comment. I love the feedback and interaction!

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  2. Dear fellow blogger, it is lovely to meet you. As another lover of words I can appreciate your sentiments. I hope no one will have the temerity to spit on their screen in response to your work! 😉
    Thank you for following my blog (Women of Warfare!). As you are probably aware I am currently on a blogging break but when I resume the blogging helm, I look forward to checking out your work.
    Meanwhile, my best wishes for your endeavours.

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    • Thank you so much! It is lovely to meet you, too! I am so thankful that I found your blog…As a Christ follower, I’ve found the enemy constantly trying to throw me off track and question my salvation. God is good, and He will help me through it. I am hoping to spend some time searching through your blog. God bless! ❤

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      • Thank you. Christ certainly will help you through it – He ever lives to make intercession for you and as you ask and trust Him, He will strengthen and grant you assurance.

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