Blogging Break

Why haven’t I written in so long? People may be asking this, and I can’t blame them. After such a long hiatus, I am thankful for those loyal followers who have continued to stay here even though my writing has diminished significantly over these past 10 months or so. To summarize my life as simply as possible and the reason I’ve been missing for so long from the blogging world…the answer really isn’t that simple. Part of it is my own lack of remembering that yes, I have a blog. But, there is a lot more to it than that.
I’ve been struggling with anxiety. Not just the typical, everyday anxiety that everyone has when a test comes up or when they have a term paper due the next day, but the anxiety and fear that paralyzes and makes everyday functioning an idea of the past. I pretty much gave up writing during this time; not much journaling, little in the poetry category, and practically nothing a novelist writes. Here and there I did pick things up, but it never lasted long. And this continued for about nine months. My writing was mainly the bare minimum; writing papers for school, or the everyday life writing that happens. My reading was also non-existent. I only read books for school. Of course, my reading has needed to pick up again for years, but when the last full book you read is Emma by Jane Austen and you finished reading it early this year…Well, you get the picture.

My anxiety is getting somewhat better, but I’m healing. I finally started writing again this morning, and it felt…good. Good to go around the house formulating ideas in my brain; original quotes that I might use in my stories. I may not have much written, but this new story of mine is, Lord-willing, going to be very relatable to so many people. It might be the epitome of who I was, and who I will be.

And I hope you guys will stay along for the ride.

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