I used to use Pandora here and there for music. Of course, you cannot choose what specific song you want to listen to, and you have a limited number of skips. Not only that, but they have ads (If its the free one, which I have. Spotify has ads too if you get the free version (which I have) but Spotify’s other perks make up for it). I had heard some good things about Spotify. My sister downloaded the app, and I decided to download it awhile later. I must say, I am very impressed with it and probably will not go back to Pandora. Here is a post about how great Spotify is.

Please know that Pandora is not a bad website. It can be very helpful, and I have had an account on it for many years. Spotify suits me better, but that does not mean Pandora will not suit anyone ever. I would suggest trying both and seeing which one works for your personal needs.



1) You can choose what you want to listen to.

I like Spotify because you can choose the specific song you want to listen to. With Pandora, you make a station based on a song you like, and they play ‘similar’ songs to the song you like. You can like and dislike songs to help personalize each Pandora station, but it can be once in a long while that you actually hear the song you wanted to hear. With Spotify, you look up the song you want to listen to, and listen to it as many times as you want. You can save the song, put it in a playlist, and you have pretty much full control over what you listen to.

2) They have a ton of super cool songs.

Pandora has good songs too, but since I got Spotify two days ago I have found so many cool songs which I can listen to as many times as I want (for example, they have a Karaoke version of “A Whole New World,” which I love. They have a guy singing the guy parts, but no female, which means I can practice the song as a duet in privacy with a really good singer. They also have a version with the female’s part in, and the guy’s part out. They also have other karaoke and instrumental versions of songs).

3) They let me earn time without ads.

Today, something appeared about earning time without ads. If I watched a video (which was super brief) they let me have some time listening ad free. I do not think Pandora has that. I do not know if I am able to do that again or not, but it was still a very cool feature.


What do you think of this post? Feel free to let me know in the comments! Also, do you like Pandora or Spotify better? Let me know your reasons for your preference in the comments!


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