Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming is about Spider Man around…homecoming. That’s right, the name isn’t exactly creative (although maybe it has more to it. I’ll get to that below). He is exceptionally desperate to get Iron Man to notice and use him. He takes great pride in the fact that he stole “Captain America’s shield.”

I went to see it with a group of my friends and one of my friend’s dad. There were two girls in our group, including me. Let’s just say superhero movies aren’t my favorite. I’m a Letters to Juliet, When Calls the Heart, Chronicles of Narnia type girl. Although I do enjoy some super hero movies, the explosions, smashing through buildings, and never ending fight scenes tend to loose me. I like Marvel humor though. If super hero movies had more of a storyline, maybe I’d enjoy them more.

Anyways, here’s the details. *SPOILER ALERT*
Spider-Man is doing a lot of rebellious things. Iron Man refuses to listen to him, so he takes matters into his own hands and tries to protect the world from the holders of this weapon, called a “glowy-thingy.” Lots of fighting. Oh yeah, and he falls in love with a girl at his school who is a senior. Apparently senior girls are the “thing.” (Eye roll). Anyways, she turns out to be the daughter of the bad guy who isn’t entirely bad but is still the main antagonist of this movie.

There were bad words on it, including calling Peter a nickname (a boy body part) that kids do not need to be hearing. Every time Peter dressed as Spider-Man, you could see that he was obviously changing. The high school kids all wear bathing suits and encourage Peter to do the same—to rebel. This isn’t the most kid friendly of the Marvel movies. Maybe stick with one with some more morals attached. At least Iron Man got proven that he was wrong. (Iron Man is too haughty).

The name…maybe it’s because he finally realizes where he belongs in a way of a “homecoming.” Or maybe it’s because it’s during the dance. Either way, at least it’s not called “Spider-Man.” We probably have enough of those movies. Then again, maybe not.

It was okay, but not exactly a kid’s movie. Watch it if you’re daring, but not with your kids.

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